Product development

The impossible is often possible. It’s all about thinking in terms of the big picture, solutions and potential instead of constraints – and at Pack Plast we are ready to put in the same level of effort as you.

Tray and machine suppliers should talk to each other

– Mills

“Tray design is only one side of a development project – they also need to conform to our production apparatus and of course consumer needs. We work on all these aspects in parallel in relation to the launch date. It’s a complex process involving installing new production lines, winding up the old one and starting up. Timing is all-important,” explains Lars Christian Hilden, Factory Manager at Mills in Norway.

Rapid feedback from an efficient organisation is one of the things Hilden appreciates most. And that’s exactly what he gets from Pack Plast. “We want to move fast with such a project, and simply can’t interface with slow-moving, bureaucratic organisations or innumerable different departments. That’s something Pack Plast understands.”

As such, Pack Plast is in dialogue with Mills’ machinery suppliers for such projects – “They tackle every problem before we even start up as far as possible. Close contact between tray supplier and machinery supplier is absolutely essential,” he says.

The trick is to get it to work in practice

– Senior Vice President ved Vega Salmon GmbH Peter Luxhøi

“It all starts in the USA, where we can see a trend towards restaurants becoming smaller and with no freezers. That means that we need to deliver frozen goods into refrigeration,” explains Senior Vice President at Vega Salmon GmbH, Peter Luxhøi.

Consequently, packaging had to be developed in close consultation with Pack Plast.

“Customers receive their fish frozen in the new trays which are placed directly in the fridge. The tray design ensures that the fish thaws without ending up lying in water. That makes it easy to take out and place on a grille. Convenience and appearance are all-important when dealing with an expensive, exclusive product,” he explains. “The trick is to get it to work in practice – and that’s one of the things that Pack Plast are good at.”

“Packaging is everything. It’s the way we communicate with the customer.”

– Senior Vice President ved Vega Salmon GmbH Peter Luxhøi